Spello (Umbria, Italy) – I Giorni delle Rose 2016 (The Days of Roses), IV edition

Spello (Umbria, Italy) – I Giorni delle Rose 2016 (The Days of Roses), IV edition

“I Giorni delle Rose” (The Days of Roses) is a three-day floral exhibition dedicated to roses; the event was created by Giuseppina Massi Benedetti, President of the Garden Club Perugia, and is organized by the Garden Club Perugia and Garden Club Terni, with the collaboration of the Province of Perugia (Umbria, central Italy). The event I Giorni delle Rose is hosted in the beautiful setting of Villa Fidelia (Spello, Umbria, Italy), an awesome Umbrian villa surrounded by the lush greenery of its stunning and amazing park. During the event, the park and the gardens of the villa are completely flooded by roses and flowers. In this beautiful scenario, the organizers wanted to pay a tribute to the rose, not only as the queen of flowers, but also as a star in art, culture, fashion and crafts. Many happenings were scheduled for the IV edition of this three-day event dedicated to rose flowers: top level conferences, competitions, exhibitions and meetings; IV edition featured also special highlights, such as:

  • “The woman who perfumes paintings and queens,” Laura Bosetti Tonatto, (Essenzialmente Laura), the famous world-renowned “nose” who has created scents for Queen Elizabeth II of England and Buckingham Palace;
  • “Giardini di seta – Vittorio Accornero per Gucci 1960-1981”, an exhibition of 40 historical foulards, decorated with floral patterns by the renowned illustrator Vittorio Accornero for the Maison of Gucci;
  • The final concert of the project “Omaggio all’ Umbria”, by Laura Musella, featuring the “Rossini Flute Ensemble”.

UmbriaCenter was there and made a movie out of these wonderful three days: please, give also a look to our new movie on UmbriaCenter TV, a must see! We also invite people to come and visit the V edition of the event, which will take place in Villa Fidelia, Spello, on June, 2nd to 4th, 2017.