Spello (PG) – I Giorni delle Rose (The Days of Roses)

Spello (PG) – I Giorni delle Rose (The Days of Roses)

the days of rosesJune 8th and 9th, a two-days festival entirely dedicated to rose flower in the awesome scenario of Villa Fidelia. The event was designed and created by the Garden Club Perugia and Garden Club Terni, with the patronage of the Province of Perugia (that protects, promotes and takes care of the Villa very well), the Cities of Perugia, Spello, Foligno and Terni, the Perugiassisi 2019 Foundation, the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Perugia, the UNESCO Club Foligno/Valle del Clitunno and the UGAI.

The exhibition is a tribute to rose flower not only as the queen of flowers, but also as an inspiration for culture, arts and crafts. The event is also an opportunity for visitors to spend a day in a stunning and beautiful environment, surrounded by the beauty and tenderness of roses. UmbriaCenter was there and made a movie out of these wonderful two days, hoping that the organizers would make a second edition of the event next year: watch the movie on UmbriaCenter TV, a must see!

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